Simple. Straightforward. Convenient.

The Accord Family Law Process
in 5 Easy Steps

Book your Free 20-Minute Consultation to see if Accord Family Law is right for you & to find out the Flat Fee for your desired Legal Service. This first meeting will be by phone. 

Email your lawyer any important documents that are necessary to advise you and complete your legal service, such a financial records.

During a second, longer meeting (about 60-90 minutes), your lawyer will provide you with legal advice and options specific to your matter.  This second meeting will be by phone or video.

Your lawyer will walk you through your draft legal documents and amend them if necessary. This third meeting can be done by phone or video. 

Complete your legal service with ONLY one in-person meeting at our offices (or by video if COVID-19 restrictions apply).

Important Information Before Booking a Consultation

Accord Family Law clients are ready to AGREE on:

✅ CHILDREN = parenting arrangements and decision-making

✅ SUPPORT = generally, adhering to the Federal Child Support and Spousal Support Guidelines

✅ PROPERTY = generally, a 50/50 split or a mutually agreed settlement

Accord Family Law CANNOT take clients where:

🆇 One of you is not prepared to negotiate and compromise

🆇 One of you refuses to disclose information about family assets and debts

🆇 There is a history of duress and/or domestic violence, including psychological abuse

Book your Free 20-Minute Consultation to see if Accord Family Law is right for you and your family and to find out your Flat Fee.