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Accord Family Law’s mission is to provide uncomplicated and affordable access to everyday law.  We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about hourly rates or drawn-out legal processes that result in unpredictably high costs, both financially and emotionally, to you and your family.  Our clients benefit from our Flat Fees to provide certainty in costs and use of convenient remote meetings.

We strive to keep our clients and their families out of the courtroom, whether that means:


By drafting your Separation Agreement, Joint Divorce or Uncontested Divorce documents,
so you’re not stressed, confused or overwhelmed.



By creating strong Prenuptial Agreements (married)
or Cohabitation Agreements (common law) to hold up in the future. 



 By offering estate planning (Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Directives)
and residential real estate services (Purchasing or Selling your home).


Instantly book your Free 20-Minute Phone Consultation
to see if Accord Family Law is right for you and your family.

About Me

Reena Herian, B.A., LL.B., PM 

I’m a family lawyer with over 15 years of varied legal experience. I’m tired of seeing low or no-conflict families paying too much for family law services that take too long and become contested in a highly-adversarial court system. There has to be a better way. These families should have complete control over their futures and finances.

So I founded Accord Family Law.  Through online booking of free phone consults, reasonable flat fees for all services, and convenient remote meetings and mediations, we support families that want (or need) to stay on amicable terms.  We also provide residential real estate and estate planning services.

Access to justice and giving back to my community are important to me, so every month I give 4 low-income Albertans complementary legal advice through the Edmonton Community Legal Centre.