Certainty & Affordability


Every family is different, so we need some information to know how much work will be involved.

Find out your Flat Fee by Instantly Booking a Free 20-Minute Phone Consultation

Accord Family Law only offers reasonable Flat Fees for all of our legal services, with zero hidden costs, giving you comfort in certainty and affordability without sacrificing legal expertise.

You also conveniently pay your Flat Fee by e-transfer or credit card.


Lawyer Fee Facts:

Only 10% of lawyers offer flat fees.
We only offer flat fees.

Most lawyers, by far, 88.56% continue to use hourly rates.
We never use hourly rates.

After the first consultation, 64% of clients still don’t know much their case will cost.
We always tell you how much your case will cost.

Lawyers can charge up to $650 per hour. Sometimes more.