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Courtesy of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta
Separation and Divorce
Resolving Family Law Disputes
Parenting Time and Contact
Financial Support (Child Support and Spousal/Partner Support)
Property Division


Separation Agreement Checklist
After you’ve read the above Family Law Booklets, this checklist will guide you with respect to the terms of your separation.
Child & Spousal / Partner Support Calculator
Instantly determine an estimated amount and duration of child and spousal support specific to your family.
Canada Parenting Plan Tool
The Government of Canada provides this excellent guide for making important parenting decisions, including practical arrangements, communication, travel, and more.
Travel Consent Letter
FREE i.e. no need to pay for lawyers or notaries!  The letter that proves that the other parent has given you permission to travel with your child(ren) only needs to be witnessed by an adult.
Parenting After Separation (PAS) Course
Learn how to co-parent the right way. A free online course that is mandatory for divorcing parents in Alberta with children under 16-years-old.
Divorce Forms and Instructions (Alberta)
All the forms necessary to file an application for an Uncontested Divorce or a Joint Divorce in Alberta as well as contested divorce application documents and child support forms.
Alberta Family Resolution Hub
This online tool from the Alberta Courts will guide you to the most suitable options to resolve your family dispute matters with or without court intervention. After answering a series of questions, you will receive a summary and checklist of next steps.
searchable database of short articles on all things law, published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.
Best Interests of the Child (Family Law Act Section 18)
Section 18 of the Family Law Act lists the factors judges consider when deciding what outcome is in the best interests of children. 
Edmonton Community Legal Centre (ECLC)
Free legal advice and services for low-income Albertans.
Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Legal Services (ALCLLS)
A library of useful legal information AND a directory of lawyers who will handle just parts of your matter, or perform specific tasks like legal coaching or court day representation, at a reasonable rate. 
Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS)
Search through a directory of family mediators and parenting coordinators near you.
Find a Lawyer – Law Society of Alberta
If your matter is contentious in the court system, Accord Family Law will not be able to help you. This directory will help you find a lawyer that goes to court
Programs for Self-Represented Family Litigants
If you are facing a matter in the family courts and you do not have a lawyer, these organizations can help.
Family Law Handbook for Self-Represented Litigants
The Canadian Judicial Council is committed to fostering access to justice and equal treatment under the law of self-represented litigants.
Our Family Wizard App
Manage schedules, track expenses, share files, send secure messages and more co-parenting tools.  Approved and encouraged by the Alberta courts.
coParenter App
Live mediation to settle disputes, group and one-on-one coaching, expense tracking and reimbursement and more co-parenting tools.  Approved and encouraged by the Alberta courts.